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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 19, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news this morning, drunk on the job. >> an air traffic controller watching the skies over nine states found drunk in the middle of his shift. it's a developing story this morning. also, facing the music. the world will be watching as parliament grills media mogul rupert murdoch in just hours from now as his phone hacking scandal spreads to the u.s.s the inspired americans of all age, team usa comes home. y all age, team usa comes home. we begin now with that developing story from the denver area, yet another air traffic controller now in trouble. >> the veteran controller who has more than 25 years on the job was found to be drunk while talking to pilots in the air.
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when he was tested two weeks ago, his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. that test came more than six hours into an eight-hour shift but it isn't clear if the controller was drinking on the job or showed up intoxicated. >> he worked at the colorado base responsible for traffic over nine states. he's already in rehab but could be reinstated if he completes the required programs. this is just the latest of what is a half dozens depths involving them this year. most involved controllers who were sleeping on the job. some flights have been forced to land without assistance because of a controller's inattentiveness. several investigations into the lapses are already under way. and stay with us later. for "good morning america" we'll have more of the latest details comi coming up. rupert murdoch and his son james are expected to face some tough questions in just a few hours from british lawmakers over the phone hacking scananl. the showdown is expected to be aired live in its entirety by
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british broadcasters. one source joked it's like wimbledon. jeffrey kofman has more from london. >> reporter: just because they own tv networks doesn't mean the murdochs like to be on them. they are grilled live by outraged british politicians. >> the worry is not just about the company he built. he didn't inherit it, he built it. he has to worry about his children who he assumed would and wanted to succeed him. >> reporter: that is looking increasingly unlikely. james murdoch was being groomed to take over from his 80-year-old dad but could face criminal charges and admits paying two high-profile victims a million dollars to keep quiet. this scandal is nothing less than an earthquake sending tremors to the highest levels of power. the people shocked to learn that for the last 30 years murdoch and his executives have been dictating policy to the
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politicians and the police. the murdochs had the ear of britain's prime minister. in 15 months david cameron had 26 meetings with murdoch executives more than twice he's had with any other news organization. >> the view of every prime ministereror the last 30 years is that no one can get elected without the blessing of the patriarch. >> reporter: news corporation's shares have tumbled. if they face criminal charges it could be forced to unload some of its most lucrative holdings in the u.s. including fox tv. this is really a dynasty on the brink. jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. his newspapers were infiltrated by hackers last night. visitors were directed to a story claiming that murdoch had been found dead in the garden of his home after taking poison. the hacking group had promised to quit its illegal activities three weeks ago. lawmakers in the house are
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expected to vote on a tea party-backed plank to address the nation's debt c csis and president obama said he would veto the deal if it passes. he is against it because it calls for deep medicare and social security cuts. still the president says the two sides are making progresess aft some more closed door negotiations. the million and a half catholics are getting a new leader. just continue cardinal regali has been pressure. . the heat that is stifling much of the country is being blamed for as many as a dozen deaths shot heing hundreds of record highs all month as it spreads to the east and intense humidity has some real feel temps hitting a scorching 125 degrees. more now from abc's karen travers. with temperatures soaring,
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even this pool in central pennsylvania provided little relief. >> very, very hot. >> it's like a burning. >> reporter: a massive heat dome is scorching the middle of the country. 20 states from texas to minnesototand into ohio are under a heat watch, warning or advisory. so much is centered over areas still drying out after massive spring floods and all that surface water is evaporating adding high humidity to triple digit misery. three-quarters of texas is in a doubt. here's the lake before the drought and here's what it looks like now. in neighboring oklahoma, ponds are drying up. forcing farmers to move their fish by hand to save them. >> we do have dry, hot summers in oklahoma but we have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: parched tulsa, oklahoma, set a record use for water use. if the heat continues they'll have to set water restrictions. >> our main message is use water
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wisely. don't waste it. >> reporter: thousands of travelers in minnesota were stuck in traffic after the concrete on a major interstate highway buckled under the extreme heat. the heat wave is just starting to hit new york stay. but already workers there say the conditions are excruciating. >> very hot, very hot today. pass out kind of weather. >> still hot. it's over 100 something. >> reporter: there's little relief in sight. forecasters expect the sweltering heat to last through the end of the week. karen travers, abc news. >> has been roughgh out there. >> definitely. cooling off in florida could be actuallylyangerous. thatat because tropical storm bret is kicking up pretty rough surf along the coast. >> still a lot of sunshine. it's still packing 60-mile-an-hour winds but moving farther into the atlantic away from the bahamas and also florida. beechgoers, though, enjoying waves as high as seven feet. surf's up. >> looks fun. now for this morning's weather from around the country,
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humid with severe storms and flash flooding from minneapolis to chicago, cincinnati, d.c. and raleigh. morning showers around new york and philadelphia. pop-up thunderstorms along the gulf coast and more monsoon rains from new mexico to wyoming. showers, meanwhile, in the pacific northwest. >> wet 69 degrees in seattle. 99 in colorado springs and 106 in phoenix. mid to upper 90s from the twin cities to dallas. 89 in detroit. 85 in boston and 90s from new york all the way down to new orleans. and coming up after the break, gold prices at a new record high. is that where your money should be? plus, testing the new high-tech system that puts on the brakes for you. how well does it work? >> get this, justin bieber, wedding crasher. he pops into onecouple's reception, and, yeah, we got the video. we'll be right back.
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high anxiety over the nation's debt crisis is pushing the price of gold to an all-time high. for the first time gold is above $1,600 per ounce. that's 500% higher than it was a decade ago. it's the longest rally for gold in 31 years and analysts say it's likely to continue. it has a long history as a safe haven for investors. earlier this year, the university of texas put $1 billion into gold storing more than 6,000 gold bars in a vault. the debt worries casting a shadow over on the overseas markets. many tokyo's nikkei average lost
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85 points today, hong kong's hang seng was down 200. the ftse opened lower in london. the dow drops 94 and the nasdaq index dropped 256r7b8g9s final chapters for borders. not a storybook ending. nobody was interested in buying and operating the chain so borders could begin closing stores as soon as friday. it has almost 11,000 employees. high-tech systems that slam on the brakes for you have been found to work out very well. an insurance industry study today found volvos to had this feature were involved in fewer low speed crashes. it judges the distance between vehicles and applies the brakes when it get too close. other automakers are working on similar systems. a concrete tycoon is now raising eyebrows in the ozarks because of his new home pensmore because it looks like a castle.
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72,000 square feet, making it one of the largest residential homes in the country when it's done. the all concrete mansion won't be finished for another two years. just a modest little home there. >> all concrete. bigger than the white house. well, coming up next on this tuesday, the major city that will make it a crime to walk and text at the same time. also an alarming and disturbing story out of florida. a teen accused of a gruesome crime hours before throwing a party at his home.
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specially formulated for proper h.e. performance. tide washing machine cleaner. clean laundry starts with a clean washer. phoenix is covered in dust for the second time this month. take a look at this as another massive dust storm moved across the area yesterday with a wall of dirt and debris that was 3,000 feet high, 15 miles wide. the dust dramatically reduced visibility t tggering flight
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delays and car accidents. more dust storms could make it tough for drivers in arizona. wet on i-10 and i-40 in the rockies and also on i-5 in the pacific northwest. rain soaks i-94 from minneapolis to chicago and i-95 from baltimore to raleigh and also parts of florida. speaking of minneapolis and chicago, there could be flight delays there this morning. also possible in charlotte and washington, d.c. and now we move on to that extremely disturbing story out of florida. a teenage boy under arrest there charged with the murder of both of his parents. >> it's hard 0 believe. after allegedly killing them 17-year-old tyler hadley had friends over to the house for a party. terry parker of wpbs reports. >> reporter:r:hey say 17-year-old tyler hadley used facebook to invite over 40 friends for a house party. all the while the bodies of his murdered parents were lying on the floor in their bedroom. police say blake and mary jo hadley's bodies were covered
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with folders, books and clothes. >> found lying between the bodies was the hammer that was used to commit blunt force trauma to both the hadleys' head and torso. >> reporter: police don't know why he may have killed his parents. it appears he wrote the facebook invitation early in the afternoon before the murders. sometime after the facebook invitation and before the party, police say they believe tyler beat his parents to death with a hammer like this one. covered their bodies, locked the bedroom door and then entertained his friends. >> during the party and after the party there was rumor that perhaps that tyler may have killed his parents and a partygoer may have made an anonymous tip. >> the crime scene was certainly a merciless killing. it was a brutal and in the facebook invitation a party, y y know, to have your friends and 40 to 60 people come over, i think, speaks for itself.
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>> that was terry parker reporting. tyler hadley is being held without bail. his grandfather says he never suffered from any behavioral problems or mental illness. two other deaths in the luxury san diego suburb of coronado may have police asking questions now. both are linked to the same mansion. last wednesday the mansion owner's girlfriend was found dead and on sunday the owner's son died from injuries he suffered after he fell down the stairs. investigators say that the 6-year-old's death was an accident but they are calling to see if the 32-year-old girlfriend's death is suspicious. we know texting and driving a big no-no but the city of philadelphia is stepping up its crackdown on pedestrians who can't take their eyes off their phones. the city outlawed texting and walking back in may but starting next month officers plan to hand out more tickets and will cost offenders 120 bucks a pop. a warm, appreciative homecoming for the u.s. team.
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they arrived in new york yesterday. we'll have more from the team in a few minutes and also several members are live this morning on "good morning america." great to see them home. they did a wonderful job.b. turning now to some of last night's baseball action, we get the highlights from espn news. good morning, i'm don bell with your espn news update. big night on the diamond. tick wakefield and the red sox taking on the orioles. orioles down fifth. nolan doubles out. two lungs will score. orioles up 7-6. a wild afafrment a lot of runs scored. tied at 10. bases loads. pedroia to right. we can make it if we dry. scutero scored and pedroia's 16-game hitting streak. the yankees and rays. yanks down by two. alex cobb, robinson, cano,
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what's going on. the power flickers, a bank of lights losing power at tropicana field. 18-minute delay. top of the eighth. yanks down by one, nunez with the bases loaded. rays try to turn the doubling play. they cannot. swisher will score. it's a 4-4 ball game so top of the ninth we go. same score, bases loaded. fullllount, two outs. martin works the walk. yankees win, 5-4 and trail the red sox by a game and a half. to the national league, roy halladay fisting the cubs. no score, ramirez. gone! 17th home run of the season. cubs go up 1-06789 bottom of the fifth, phils trail by two. they call the catcher to t t mound and trainer goes there, as well. he leaves with heat exhaustion. the cubs go on to win, 6-1. that is all for your espn news update. i'm don bell.
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well, if having a wedding on the beach at mall lew isn't cool enough, what if justin bieber happened to stop by. >> speaking of cool we're talking about this newlywed couple, bieber and selena gomez were walking along the beach and heard one of justin's song and crashed the party. we'll hear from the mccools coming up on "good morning america." that makes for a pretty memorable wedding. from hollywood this morning, who knows whether it will be a winning choice or not but charlie sheen has signed on to do another sitcom. the show will be loosely based on that movie "anger management." it's been four months since sheen was fired from "two and a half men." so far no network has expressed interest. well, coming up next new developments in the nfl and nba lockouts. more from our top story.
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also we're learning new details about an air traffic controller in the denver area suspended for being drunk on the b. two weeks ago the veteran controller was found to be twice the legal limit while w wking at a facility that controlol airspace over parts of nine states. also, shuttle "atlantis" is undocking from the international space station for the final time this morning leaving behind an american flag flown on the first shuttle flight 30 years ago. the shuttle program endss thursday when "atlantis" lands for the last time. even though the nba lockout shows no sign of ending they will announce the schedule for next season today. there have been no bargaining sessions toward the new labor agreement with playersrsince late last month and none are scheduled. the news is much brighter on the nfl labor front. attorneys for players and owners met here in new york this morning, a new deal could be finalized this week. sores say players from every team are expected to play tomorrow to possibly vote on a new contract. well, for some of you local news is coming up next. for everybody else fans are
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and get a free sample at and finally this morning that exciting women's world cup soccer match had fans watchchg
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and tweeting. the final match set the record for tweets per second purrpassing not only the royal wedding but the death of osama bin laden. everybody was watching. how about that. espn says the telecasas ranked number two all-time for daytime cable. about 13.5 million people watched sunday's final. it was exciting down to the bitter end. >> that is incredible. heartbreaking but still a lot to be proud of. even though the americans fell short of the title, hundreds of fans lined up in the heat to welcome them home. >> the u.s. women's world cup team arrived in new york city yesterday and as jim dolan reports they were overwhelmed by the reception. >> reporter: as the team arrived in midtown and the cheers rose, the players were starting to hear it all firsthand. did you take a look around as you got off the bus? do you have a feel for what you meant to people? >> a little bit. this is the first time we've seen firsthand the support. so it's been incredible and we've been able to see it on twitter and facebook and in the media, but this is amazing.
4:29 am
>> reporter: you could hear the sad echo of that final wrenching loss from every player. >> we're disappointed that we didn't come back champions. >> reporter: but you could hear also that it was one remarkable journey to the finals. >> i'm starting to feel the support and it's pretty amazing -- how the country just really stood behind us. i don't know why. i don't know why it was so inspiring but i'm happy it was because i put my heart and soul into this team. >> they're such good role models for everybody and show us like what hard work can do and h h you can accomplish your goals. >> they played well. just stuff happens. >> reporter: with the last game did you have your hopes up? did you think they really had a chance? >> yes. >> reporter: what was it like when they lost? >> kind of sad. i guess. heartbreaker. >> reporter: we asked her what she learned from the women's soccer team and kind of expected an answer like, you know, the importance of hard work or perseverance. but she is first a soccer fan --


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